Functional analysis is one of our practice’s main focuses: functional diagnostics examines the movements of the masticatory system, the masticatory muscles, the position of the jaws in relation to each other, the position of the temporomandibular joints in the joint cavity.

For this purpose, we use a modern temporomandibular joint diagnostic measuring device (Freecorder BlueFox) for computer-assisted joint alignment analysis. On the one hand, the aim is to find possible causes in the mouth/jaw area in patients with complaints such as headaches, tinnitus, neck tension, sleep disorders and nocturnal teeth grinding – and to treat them. In some cases, we treat the craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD) with a bite guard and/or osteopathy or physiotherapy. We thus also work together with experienced osteopaths and physiotherapists. Together with them, we try to see things from a different perspective and find out whether the cause of the complaint actually lies in other areas of the musculoskeletal system.

We also use functional diagnostics to insert planned dental prostheses in symptom-free patients in such a way that such symptoms cannot occur. Using this high-precision measuring device, we can find the ideal bite position for crowns, bridges and implants.